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Why Earth Payment Solutions?

Earth Payment Solutions is more than just the typical service bureau Payment Service Provider!

We empower our U.S. Merchants to capitalize on China Tourism, attending University students and Asia Pacific Rim B2B, B2C & C2C markets.

To capture this ever-growing market on behalf of our Merchant Clientele, Earth Payment Solutions.Com has established a combined Mission to:

1. Promote outbound tourism from within China and direct Chinese tourists to our Merchant clientele positioned within favored US travel destination cities; and Ensure our Merchant clientele are China Ready and equipped to accept the Chinese preferred method of payment.

2. For further information about our China outbound tourism marketing initiatives please contact us at inbox@earthpayments.com or via telephone at (818) 572-2525 X-222 (ask for Jim Wilson).

China’s Outbound Travel Boom

The Chinese market is booming! Not only is the country’s population larger than anywhere else in the world, currently sitting at more than 1.4 billion people — but also it’s one of the hottest source markets for outbound travel today, accounting billions of dollars in travel sales.

Number of visitors to the United States from China from 2002 to 2021 (in millions)*

This statistic illustrated below shows the number of visitors to the United States from China from 2002 to 2021. In 2015, there were approximately 2.59 million visitors from China to the U.S. This figure was forecasted to rise above 5.72 million in 2021.

It is important to note that China is #1 in spending per traveler averaging over $7,000 per trip compared to $3500 competing card brands.

China UnionPay

  • UnionPay is the national card brand in China having a 97% market share (with VISA/MasterCard being virtually non-existent).
  • UnionPay touts having 800M+ cardholders with 6B+ cards in circulation (90% of all UnionPay cards are issued from within China).
  • UnionPay has surpassed VISA & MasterCard for most cards issued and is now ranked #1 in the world.
  • UnionPay transactions average $300 compared to $80 for the competing card brands.
  • Chinese prefer booking travel and shopping excursions where their UnionPay card is accepted.
  • Brand familiarity and convenience among Chinese drives increased spending at Merchants locations who accept UnionPay.
  • Foreign Currency Controls in China create challenges for Chinese travelers; cash-on-hand amounts are limited, insufficient, and costly.
  • ATM daily cash withdraw during travel is restrictive and costly.

Chinese Consumers Purchasing Model & UnionPay’s Cashless Headache

While UnionPay is growing and can boast an impressive 35 percent year-over-year growth, topping global brands Visa and MasterCard in terms of the number of cards in circulation, WeChat Pay and Ali Pay mobile payment methods, however, have grown an estimated 85 percent during the same time period and have come to dominate the payments market in China.
The WeChat Pay and Ali Pay (APP) QR code technology facilitates payments by Chinese consumers using their mobile phones either online or for face-to-face (AKA “Offline”) transactions.  As such, Chinese consumers (predominately) don’t need to carry cash or UnionPay cards to make purchases.
Thus, WeChat Pay and Ali Pay mobile networks have now become the default way of life among Chinese consumers and literally every business in China is plugged into this ecosystem.
Essentially, the QR code technology of WeChat Pay and Ali Pay utilizes a “Wallet” system that is tied to the bank account or UnionPay card of each Mobile APP end-user.
The mobile APP’s of WeChat Pay and Ali Pay allows each end-user too easily add monies to their Wallet.  More importantly, Chinese consumers only need to have their mobile phone on-hand to make purchases versus carrying cash and/or UnionPay cards.

Bottom Line

Acceptance of UnionPay and/or WeChat Pay / AliPay is a must to attract Chinese consumers and their buying power and a key to tapping into this lucrative market!

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WeChat Pay & AliPay Offline Program Pricing Terms

$ 0.15

Per Transaction

Discount Rate (Per Transaction) – 2.70%
POS System/ Scanner (One Time) – $250.00

WeChat Pay & AliPay Online Program Pricing Terms

$ 0.30

Per Transaction

Discount Rate (Per Transaction) – 2.85%
No Other Charges

WeChat & AliPay 


Application/Set-up Fee: None
Monthly Fee: None
Monthly Minimum: None
Annual Fee: None
Currency Exchange Rate Fee: None
Online Reporting Fee: None
Termination Fee: None
Chargebacks (Doesn’t Exist): None
China Ready Merchant Consulting: None
Tourism Marketing from within China by Earth Payment Solutions: None
Data Driven Marketing Consulting to Reach Chinese: None
Settlement Currency: USD
Settlement Period: 2-to-3 Days

*Note: UnionPay pricing, terms and conditions are similar to VISA/MasterCard.  For further information on accepting UnionPay, please contact us at: (818) 572-2525 X222 or via email at: jim@empss.com.

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The Preferred Payment Method Among Chinese Consumers

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