General Terms & Conditions

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Applicable Mobile Networks (included in Service) WeChat Pay & AliPay
U.S. Merchants Sales Currency: USD
Application/Set-up Fee: None
Monthly Fee: None
Monthly Minimum: None
Annual Fee: None
Currency Exchange Rate Fee: None
Online Reporting Fee: None
Termination Fee: None
Chargebacks (Doesn’t Exist): None
China Ready Merchant Consulting: None
Tourism Marketing from within China by Earth Payment Solutions: None
Data Driven Marketing Consulting to Reach Chinese: None
Settlement Currency: USD
Settlement Period: 2-to-3 Days
Discount Rate & Per Transaction Funding Model: Daily Discount model (not Month-end billing)
Note: Daily Discount means that the Discount Rate and Per Transaction Fee is deducted from each gross settlement amount per occurrence.
Note: WeChat & AliPay Mobile Payments Acceptance requires a Personal Guaranty; excluding Publicly Traded companies and Non-Profit entities.  Nevertheless, The Patriot Act/Know Your Customer rules mandate that Credit / Background checks be implemented.
Note: Online accounts are separate from Offline accounts.  Meaning, Merchants wanting both options require dual Merchant IDs.  Terms and conditions between Online and Offline are the same from a Merchant Agreement perspective.  
Note: WeChat & AliPay Mobile Payments Acceptance terms prohibit Merchants from providing Cash Back to customers.  
Note: WeChat & AliPay Mobile Payments Acceptance is a stand-alone service.  Merchants already accepting other card types, through Earth Payment Solutions.Com or otherwise, will have no bearing to any existing Merchant account.

Enrollment Requirements

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Completed Merchant Enrollment Form (Application):
  • Must be signed by authorized owner or officer and submitted to Earth Payment Solutions.Com.
  • Merchant Processing Agreement:
  • No signature required / acknowledgement only.
  • Copy of Federal Tax ID Filing:
  • Must submitted to Earth Payment Solutions.Com with Completed Merchant Enrollment Form (Application).
  • Copy of Pre-Printed Voided Check:
  • Demand Deposit Account (Checking) required; Savings accounts not applicable.
  • Must submitted to Earth Payment Solutions.Com with Completed Merchant Enrollment Form (Application).
  • Bank Letter will suffice in lieu of Pre-Printed Voided Check, but must include Account Name, Routing/Transit Number.
  • Copy of Government Issued photo ID:
  • Must submitted to Earth Payment Solutions.Com with Completed Merchant Enrollment Form (Application).
  • Note: If Merchant applicant is already incorporated in another country, but has also established a presence stateside, then Merchant should submit the following supporting documentation listed below to Earth Payment Solutions.Com on a separate paper along with a Completed Merchant Enrollment Form (Application):

  • Country of Origin
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Incorporation Registration Number
  • VAT Tax Id Number
  • Prohibited Merchants List


    Illegal political products and publications Products, television or radio programs and any publications supporting political organizations, activities, or propaganda prohibited by the Chinese law or other applicable law (e.g., fascism, terrorism et cetera.).


    Illegal political program channels Video, television or radio programs of any kind supporting political organizations, activities, or propaganda prohibited by Chinese law or any other applicable laws.


    State secret documents and information Unauthorized disclosure of state secrets as defined by any applicable laws.


    Pornographic and vulgar audio-visual products, channels, and


    Selling, displaying or advertising explicit sexual content as defined by any applicable laws and policies including, but not limited to uncensored sex toys or items associated with paraphilic sexual interests.


    Pornographic and vulgar erotic services Providing or advertising any sexual services, including but not limited to prostitution, sexual dating services, et cetera.


    Gambling Providing any type of gambling or betting services based on the game of luck including advertising or displaying gambling information which is also prohibited.


    Gambling devices and


    Selling, displaying or advertising devices and accessories for gambling purposes such as slot machines.


    Lottery Selling national or private lottery services.


    Narcotics and related accessories Selling, displaying or advertising Illegal drugs as defined by any applicable laws including drug related accessories or drug testing tools.


    Weapons of all types (including daggers, firearms and

    accessories, replica weapons, ammunitions and explosives)

    The scope of weapons as defined by any applicable laws including weapons accessories such as bipods, gun stocks, gun grips, et cetera.


    Military or police equipment Selling, displaying or advertising military or police equipment such as police badges, military and police uniforms, tactical shields, shackles, cuffs, fetters, et cetera.


    Illegally obtained proceeds or properties as result of crime Disposal of illegally obtained proceeds or properties as result of crime.


    Poisonous or hazardous chemicals Selling poisonous or hazardous chemicals of any kind as defined by applicable law such as explosive chemicals, poisonous chemicals, radioactive substances, corrosive chemicals, ozone depleting substances and controlled precursor chemicals.


    Batons and electric batons Selling, displaying or advertising batons and/or electric batons.


    Lock picking tools and accessories Selling lock picking sets, et cetera.


    Anesthetic, psychotropic or prescription medicine; illegal unregistered medicine Selling prescription medicine of any kind is prohibited. Merchants selling over-the-counter (OTC) drugs must have valid license.


    Fetal gender determination Offering fetal gender determination service.


    Aphrodisiac Selling oral drugs that arouse or increase sexual response or desire. Legal food supplements are allowed.


    Online sale of medical services, including medical consulting, hypnotherapy, plastic surgery Offering medical services online, including medical consulting, psychic service, hypnotherapy, cosmetic surgery, and paid online booking of these services, excluding pure advertising of these services. On-site medical services are allowed provided that merchants have a valid medical service license.


    Hacking services or accessories Offering any type of hacking service or selling hacking software.


    Malwares Selling Malware software used to disrupt computers, mobile operations, gather sensitive information, gain access to private computer systems or display unwanted advertising.


    Software or services that may jeopardize the reputation and goodwill of the payment Networks and its Affiliates Such as leaving forged positive customer feedbacks on


    Illegal publication of certificates or carving of stamps Such as forged driving license, fake stamps, et cetera.


    Crowd funding Offering crowdfunding service and using the payment Networks to raise funds.


    Video chatting services Video chatting services that involves pornographic, vulgar or other anti-social contents.


    All religious websites, publication or accessories Offering religious services (e.g. online consecration or blessing services) or raising donations for any type of religious activity.


    Online cemeteries and ancestor worshipping Websites that offer paid services whereby someone can pay respect to their ancestors online.


    Sales of personal information (e.g. identity card information) Such as the sale of citizen identification information, phone number, address, websites account information, et cetera.


    Espionage equipment and accessories Such as radio jammers, GPS trackers, through-wall- listening tools, spy cameras; excluding recorder pens which are allowed.


    Services or products that infringe on personal privacy (e.g. online activity monitoring) Such as spy software.


    Pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing Merchant that engages in pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing.


    Precious metals investments Such as investing in physical precious metals such as gold, gold index, gold derivatives, et cetera.


    Cashback from a payment networks account Offering cashback service that withdraws cash from the payment networks account.


    Counterfeit currency Selling counterfeit currency of any kind.


    Illegal sale of financial information (e.g. bank accounts, bank cards) Such as the sale of bank account information, a payment networks account information, et cetera.


    Stock and securities Trading stocks and securities.


    Mutual Funds Selling shares of mutual funds.


    Insurance products and platforms Selling insurance products of any kind.


    Financial products and services Selling financial products of any kind.


    Rebate or cashback services Websites offering rebate schemes such as customers shopping on a rebate site and getting cash back after a purchase.


    Software or products related to trading of financial products and information Selling, displaying or advertising financial software, such as financial information software, stock trading software (e.g. Bloomberg terminal).


    Single-purpose prepaid debit cards (including gift cards and other stored value cards) Selling prepaid debit/stored value cards including physical cards and electronical cards.


    Illegal or un-registered fund-raising activities Raising funds without authorization or registration.


    Foreign exchange services Providing foreign exchange services of any kind.


    Peer to peer (P2P) lending services Offering P2P lending service that lends money to individuals or businesses through online services that match lenders directly with borrowers.


    Payment by instalments service Offering payment by instalments service where a customer acquires an asset or a loan and repays the cost over a period of time.


    Trading in invoices issued within the Peoples’ Republic of China Illegal trading of invoices issued in the Peoples Republic of China.


    Trading or sale of virtual currencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Litecoin) Websites featuring the sale of digital currency and using the payment Networks as a payment method to purchase the digital currency. Websites that allow usage of digital currency as an alternative payment method are allowed.


    Satellites antennas Selling, displaying or advertising satellite antennas to receive overseas satellite TV programs.


    Archaeological and cultural relics Featuring illegal trade of archaeological and cultural relics as defined by any applicable laws.


    Trading or distribution of currency (both RMB and foreign currencies) A circulating currency that is recognized as the legal tender by a country’s government, such as RMB, US dollar, et cetera. Photocopies of circulating currencies is also prohibited as they might be used to forge counterfeit currencies.


    Counterfeit or replica food products Selling counterfeit food products.


    Online sale of tobaccos and cigarettes Selling tobaccos and cigarettes online. Offline (customer present) sale of tobaccos and cigarettes is allowed.


    Fireworks and firecrackers Selling, displaying or advertising fireworks and firecrackers.


    Crude oil Selling, displaying or advertising crude oil.


    Human organs Selling, displaying or advertising human organs.


    Surrogacy services Providing surrogacy services which refers to the arrangement whereby a woman gets paid for agrees to carry a pregnancy for another person.


    Services to facilitate plagiarism and examination fraud Paid ghostwriting service of dissertations, assignments; paid surrogate exam-taking service.


    Protected species Selling protected species or products made of protected species where the scope of protected species as defined by the Washington Convention and/or any applicable laws.


    Smuggled goods Selling smuggled goods.


    Sales of distribution of event tickets without license Illegal sale of event tickets such as concerts, sporting events, et cetera.


    Seeds Selling, displaying or advertising plant seeds of any kind.


    Real estate Selling real estates and using the payment networks as a payment method.


    Charitable Organizations Charitable organizations that raise funds and use the payment networks as a payment method (e.g., university charities).


    Auction sites and services Selling by auction and using the payment networks as the payment method.


    Pawn services Offering secured loans with items of personal property used as collateral.


    Lucky draws Hosting paid lucky draw games whereby a participant pays to get lucky draw chances in the hope of winning a prize.


    Sale of animals, plants or products with contagious and/or hazardous diseases


    Sale of animals, plants or products originating from areas declared with an epidemic outbreak of contagious diseases


    Services or products facilitating unlawful public gathering Unlawful public gathering is an assembly hosted in the public space without prior approval of the government.

    Transaction Models Supported

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    Straight Sales: Yes
    Advanced Deposits: Yes
    Recurring Payments Billing: No

    Website Compliance Guidelines

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    Merchant Privacy Policy:
  • Must be clearly stated on Merchant’s website and easily accessible.
  • Merchant Refunds/Credits Policy:
  • Must be clearly stated on Merchant’s website and easily accessible.
  • Merchant Service Cancellations Policy:
  • Must be clearly stated on Merchant’s website and easily accessible.
  • Merchant Products and/or Services Disclosures:
  • Must be clearly stated on Merchant’s website and easily accessible.
  • Merchant Contact Information:
  • Must be clearly stated on Merchant’s website and easily accessible.
  • Merchant Business Hours:
  • Must be clearly stated on Merchant’s website and easily accessible.
  • Sales & Support Information

    Sales Support: Jim Wilson, CEO

    (818) 572-2525 X222 [Office]

    (818) 378-6671 [Mobile]

    jimmielee61 [WeChat ID]

    jimmielee61 [Skype ID]

    Merchant Support: (818) 572-2525

    Business Hours: 8am to 6pm CST – Monday through Friday

    Underwriting Review & Approval

  • 48-hours
  • Credit & Background History Verified:
  • Yes
  • Boarding & Set-up

  • 24-hours
  • Terminal Equipment – Offline (face-to-face) Transaction Functionality

    Terminal Requirements:
  • Sunmi Terminal for WeChat Pay and AliPay Mobile Offline Payments (stand-alone Terminal).
  • Merchant cannot use existing Terminal.
  • Terminal Cost:
  • $250
  • Terminal Warranty:
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Terminal Features & Functionality:
  • English or Chinese Languages.
  • Terminal requires WIFI to process WeChat Pay and AliPay Mobile Offline Payments.
  • Prints receipts.
  • Can Merchant Name be on Printed Receipts?.
  • Tip Functionality (provided that Merchant customers choose the tip amount in advance before authorization request is submitted).
  • Printer Paper Type & Dimensions:
  • Thermal Paper.
  • 2 ¼ inches W x 74 feet L.
  • Purchasing Payment Options:
  • Credit Card, Check-by-Phone, or Lease.
  • Shipping Options:
  • Per Merchant’s Request.
  • Terminal Pre-Programming:
  • Terminals are pre-programmed before being shipped.
  • Online Acceptance

    API Features & Functionality:
  • WeChat Pay and AliPay acceptance can be utilized for multiple website domains.
  • No Tip functionality is available for WeChat Pay and AliPay Online acceptance.
  • Online Mobile Wallet (which is an alternative payment acceptance solution and it helps expand Merchants’ customer base from customers living in China to Chinese traveler’s spending money overseas).
  • Note: Merchants wanting our Online Mobile Wallet should check off the Hosted Online Payment option on the Merchant Enrollment Form. In so doing, we’ll provision the Hosted Online Payment Service and send an integration token to the Merchant when done. 
  • Note: Hosted Online Payment is a hosted online payment acceptance solution for AliPay and WeChat Pay. 
  • Note:  Hosted Online Payment is highly beneficial for Online Merchants who cannot or do not want to accept face-to-face payments, and do not want to go through PCI compliance, which requires retail Merchant’s to store credit card payment information on their end.
  • API Integration Specifications:
  • Provided upon request
  • Customer Online Payments Process:
  • Each session generates a unique QR (Quick Response) code for customers to scan and pay.
  • Currency Exchange Rates

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    Payee Exchange Rates Recipient:
  • This fee is born by the Buyer.
  • Exchange Rate Cost to Payee:
  • WeChat and AliPay uses is the best exchange rate a Buyer can get in open market.
  • Cost is ~0.1% markup from middle rate, compared to a ~2.5% markup from other sources.
  • Note: Merchants do not pay any foreign exchange rate fees.  The rate AliPay and WeChat uses is the best exchange rate a consumer can get in open market (~0.1% markup from middle rate, comparing to ~2.5% markup from other sources).


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    Authorizations Currency (U.S. Merchants):
  • USD
  • Maximum Transaction Limit Guidelines:
  • ¥197963.99 RMB per transaction for AliPay (approximately $30,000 USD)
  • ¥68,000 RMB per transaction for WeChat Pay (approximately $10,000 USD)
  • Daily Limit of Transactions Guidelines:
  • There is no daily limit of transactions with WeChat Pay or AliPay.
  • The only limitation is set by each respective issuing bank.
  • Offline Transaction Passwords Requirements Guidelines:
  • Occasionally Buyers are required to provide additional validation, such as a password or fingerprint authentication due to potential fraud and security risks exists surrounding customer payments.
  • A payment result may not be updated on a Merchant’s POS device, however, once the customer’s mobile Wallet has been verified, the Merchant’s APP should simultaneously make a query to retrieve the payment result.
  • Note: Merchant’s should make sure to void this transaction (using the reversal API) if the payment result is still not determined.
  • QR Code Timeframe Limits:
  • Currently the QR code is valid for 1 minute.
  • QR Code Usage Limits:
  • QR Codes can only be used onetime and expires automatically after a sale occurs.
  • Note: A string of numbers contained in each QR Code makes it easy to differentiate the WeChat Pay QR Code form the AliPay QR Code.
    Note: Chinese consumers making purchases from U.S. Merchants are authorized from within China from the Wallet system of WeChat Pay or AliPay, which is linked to each Chinese consumer’s issuing bank.
    Note:  Retail Merchants should be aware that a WeChat Pay and/or AliPay payment confirmation pop-up may occur when (1) the balance in the WeChat Pay or AliPay Wallet is insufficient for a payment authorization (which requests from the consumer to use a different bank account or to add monies to the bank account being used, or (2) when a risk control mechanism is triggered on the WeChat Pay or AliPay systems (such as a transaction amount of USD is $10.00 or greater and/or a high frequency use of a Wallet.  WeChat Pay and AliPay makes the sole decision on when to show the confirmation page during transactions and does not publish details.


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    U.S Merchant Settlements Currency:
  • U.S. Merchants receive all settlement deposits in USD.
  • Settlements Daily Closing Period, Cut-off Time & Funding Guidelines (from within China):
  • Cut-off time in China is 12am midnight (Beijing time) during normal business days. Equates to 12pm EST / 11am CST / 10am MTN / 9am PST in USA)
  • All transactions made within the cut-off period of a given day are batched and submitted for settlement.
  • Transactions occurring before 12pm EST or 9am PST (respectively) will be funded to Merchants within 2 business days.
  • Transactions occurring after 12pm or 9am PST (respectively) will be funded to the Merchant within 3 business days.
  • Settlements Origination & Process:
  • At the close of each business day in China, WeChat and AliPay receive all U.S. (authorized) transaction monies in RMB and converts to USD.
  • The following morning (during normal business hours) WeChat Pay & AliPay wire monies to Chase Bank account in the USA.
  • Minimum Settlement Amounts Requirements (US Merchants):
  • A minimum of $100 (USD) is required for Merchant settlements to be deposited at a Merchant’s bank account.
  • Any settlement amounts under the $100 requirement will still settle, however, Merchants will not receive their settlement deposits until this minimum settlement amount requirement is met.
  • Credit/ Returns/ Refunds

    Full Refund Guidelines:
  • Full Refunds must be issued against previously charged transactions.
  • Merchant account must have enough balance to cover the refund by search or scan by history.
  • Refund amount cannot exceed the amount of the original transaction.
  • Tips are not refundable.
  • Partial Refund Guidelines:
  • Partial refund amount cannot exceed the amount of the original transaction.
  • Refund Cancellation Guidelines:
  • Refund transactions cannot be cancelled or reversed once initiated.
  • Refund Time Limit Guidelines:
  • Refunds can be made on the same day a sale occurs.
  • Maximum default Refund period is within 90 days of payment.
  • Refund Exchange Rate Guidelines:
  • Utilize the same exchange rate at the time the original transaction is processed.
  • Discount Rate & Per Transaction Fee Assessment Reversal Guidelines:
  • Discount Rate & Per Transaction Fees assessed to Merchant from the originating sale won’t be returned after a Refund has been issued.
  • Validation of Refund Status:
  • Verified through the Merchant dashboard.
  • Buyer Refund Notifications Guidelines:
  • A positive result returned by a Refund API Call doesn’t mean the Refund process is finished.
  • Success of Refund API Call means the application has been received, but the actual Refund process action may still be running simultaneously in the background.
  • Online Reporting

    Online Reporting Features & Functionality:
  • Merchant will be issued an individual Portal login to view their transaction detail and statements.
  • The transaction summary with the settlement info will be uploaded automatically after each business day.
  • Merchant statements can be viewed via a Portal log-in.
  • Disputes

    Buyer Dispute Options:
  • Consumers in China can contact AliPay or WeChat direct for any transaction disputes.
  • Merchant Dispute Options:
  • Merchants are only required to provide a Transaction Receipt Copy and prove that goods/services have been delivered.
  • Note: Should a Buyer’s account be compromised, resulting in a fraudulent transactions, WeChat Pay and AliPay will reimburse the consumer without any liability to a Merchant.