Applicable Merchant Markets

  • Hotels/Lodging (includes Bed & Breakfast, Air B&B, et cetera)
  • Transportation (Rental Cars, Uber, Taxi’s, Limos, et cetera)
  • Retail Shopping
  • Restaurants
  • Cruise Lines
  • Museums
  • Tour Operators
  • Theme Parks
  • Sporting Venues
  • Theatrical Venues
  • Concert Venues
  • Education/Universities (including nearby Merchants servicing Universities)

What Chinese Visitors Want

  • Trust: Transparency, price assurances, don’t want to feel cheated or lose face
  • Comfort: Language, food options, smoking, respect
  • Relevant Information: Chinese language, targeted to their needs and preferences
  • Convenience: Tailored to their needs, Wi-Fi, UnionPay acceptance, transportation

Hotel Preferences


  • Acceptance of UnionPay, WeChat Pay and AliPay
  • Moderate price (to leave more money for shopping)
  • Located near restaurants
  • Family friendly
  • Families prefer proximity to Theme Parks and tourists attractions
  • Older couples prefer proximity to sight-seeing and public transportation
  • Young couples prefer romantic beaches and cities famous for romance
  • College aged prefer adventure tours that may stay 2 months exploring & backpacking
  • Must have Wi-Fi – #1 request (free is preferable)
  • Disposable Slippers placed next to each bed
  • Disposable toothbrush and toothpaste (they do not bring theirs from home)
  • Kettle or Teapot in each room
  • Minibar cup of noodles
  • Mandarin newspapers
  • Mandarin maps, shopping guides and welcome materials
  • Chinese TV Stations
  • Chinese breakfast options including dim sum, fried noodles and congee
  • Smoking room
  • Slippers in Room


  • RMB Exchange Service
  • Chinese Breakfast
  • Mandarin Speaking Staff
  • Chinese Language Reservation Capability
  • Inclusive Room Rates (breakfast, tax, Wi-Fi)
  • Chinese Language Newspaper
  • Chinese Room Service Food Options
  • Chinese Social Media Accounts (Weibo/WeChat)

Tourism Developments

  • Independent travel now growing more rapidly than group tours with some hoteliers reporting that 75% of their bookings are independent.
  • Outbound travel now accessible to a sizeable portion of the population.
  • Chinese can obtain 10-year single VISA’s and continually visit the U.S. resulting in repeat trips
  • Chinese are staying longer in one destination city
  • Chinese are now traveling in smaller groups
  • Chinese are seeking authentic experiences
    • Horseback riding in Grand Canyon
    • Skiing at resorts
    • Shopping at local malls
    • Dining at local restaurants
  • Chinese Travel Bookings are generally garnered through a travel agent
    • Mobile booking is starting to catch on
    • Ability to book flight, lodging and attraction tickets all at once is now more common
  • Chinese eagerly share their experiences and enjoy buying luxury gifts for family, friends, and business associates
  • Chinese are very particular about high service standards; and place a high importance on being treated in a respectful and polite manner.
  • Chinese shy away from:
  • American clubs and bars
  • Ice cubes / ice-cold water served with meals – prefer room temperature
  • Iced coffee drinks

Retail Shopping Preferences


  • Acceptance of UnionPay, WeChat Pay and AliPay
  • Gift with purchase promotions
  • Product sets and combination packages
  • Provide product information and promotions to subscribers
    • Use visual aids to overcome language barriers
    • Use Smart Phone APPs to overcome language communications barriers


  • Mandarin shopping flyers and Mandarin speaking staff
  • Decorate for Chinese Holidays

Restaurant Preferences


  • Chinese Language Menu
  • Acceptance of UnionPay, WeChat Pay and AliPay


  • Chinese Language Content on Website
  • Mandarin Speaking Staff
  • Pictures of Food on Menu
  • Chop Sticks

Transportation & Sightseeing Preferences


  • Chinese Language Materials
  • Acceptance of UnionPay, WeChat Pay and AliPay


  • Audio Tour in Chinese
  • Mandarin Speaking Staff
  • Chinese Subtitles on Videos
  • Chinese Language Content on Website
China Culture / Customs Background

Understanding the Chinese culture and customs background is key to leveraging their purchasing power!

  1. China sends more tourists abroad than any other country in the world, accounting for billions of dollars in travel sales.
  2. In 2016, 3-million Chinese traveled to the US and spent $3-billion dollars (these figures are expected to double by 2021.
  3. Chinese tourists are now the world’s biggest spenders in terms of total spending.
  4. China is #1 in spending per traveler averaging over $7,000 per trip compared to $3500 from other touring nations.
  5. United States is, and will likely remain, a preferred Chinese travel and shopping destination.
Earth Payment Solutions.Com specializes in this market. Our mission is 2-fold:
  1. Promote outbound tourism from within China and direct Chinese tourists to our Merchant clientele positioned within favored US travel destination cities; and
  2. Ensure our Merchant clientele are China Ready and equipped to accept the Chinese preferred method of payment.